Tine Papendick

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Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, 2013 - 2015

1 - 3 minutes, HD, color, Dolby Digital

Language: German
Client: Fraunhofer CeRRI/ Fraunhofer IAO

→ Urban Futures Congress 2015 Trailer
→ Innovationsakademie 2013 Doku

Directed by: Tine Papendick
Cinematography: Miriam Tröscher, Anna Intemann
Sound Recording: Johannes Peters, Thomas Diesel, Paul Wollstadt
Editing: Tine Papendick
Music: Johannes Peters
Production Manager: Tine Papendick

Since 2013 I have been regularly commissioned by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Institutes. The Fraunhofer CeRRI (= Center for Responsible Research and Innovation) has been using my work as a research tool for their workshops as well as for documentation of their projects. The Fraunhofer IAO has recently commisioned a trailer for the Urban Futures Congress 2015.
"Innovationsakademie 2013" is an event documentation of the final presentation resulting from an interdisciplinary 2-day workshop on biotechnologies.

"Zellfreie Biotechnologie" is a series of three short films, composed of several interviews on the topic of cell-free biotechnologies. The first group of interview partners were people we met on the streets of Berlin, the second group were students and the third were experts on the topic. The films were used as a research tool for a series of workshops which were held in 2013.