Tine Papendick

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Tine Luge, born as Tine Papendick in 1980, considers herself as a collageur and conceptional artist. She studied at HfbK Hamburg and HFF Potsdam Babelsberg. Her background is in illustration, animation and film making as well as textile and product design.

In her work, she illustrates the complexity of the social fabric of life and the often multicultural connections from which she draws inspiration. She is a strong team player and has extensive experience in directing creative individuals from various cultural and professional backgrounds, employing innovative concepts to transport her ideas.

Until 2014 Tine has been working as an artistic researcher at BTK University of Applied Sciences where she taught Animation and software basics for Motion Designers. Since 2015 she splits her time inbetween film making and teaching yoga. In 2016 she left the city of Berlin and moved to the countryside with her family.

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