Tine Papendick

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Bauhaus University Weimar, 2015

HTML, CSS, animated gifs

Language: German
Funded by Thüringer Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Technologie

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Client: Bauhaus University Weimar, Project Test Real
Concept and Project Lead: Christopher Doering
Graphical Interpretation: Tine Papendick
Animation: Tine Papendick

Das urbane Energisystem is an interactive information graphic designed as a tool for urban planners and climate experts. It integrates all relevant fields of interest and condensed information on necessary steps towards a more climate efficient city. With the help of the graphic, decision makers are guided through the process of collecting and analysing relevant data for the commune in order to built a better concept for their specific city.

The project involved the development of a visual language for the project, the translation of several graphics into well designed and readable information graphics, as well as the design of an intuitive navigation through the content. The information graphic is available in german only.