Tine Papendick

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Short Film - Super 8/ Stop Motion Animation, 2009

04:00 min, PAL, color

Script: Tine Papendick and Matis Burkhardt
Directed by: Tine Papendick
Cinematography: Matis Burkhardt
Animation/ Editing: Tine Papendick
Music: Marian Mentrup
Camera Assistant: Katia-Bey Habedank and Woo-Jun Sung
Set Assistant: Kathrin Schömer
Motorbike Driver: Torben Christoffer
Production: Matis Burkhardt and Tine Papendick

Fahr.Rad is a poetic short film about a girl who is in love with her city: Berlin. On a journey with her bike through the city, she collects her favorite places, just to take them with her to wherever her journey will continue.

The film was created in collaboration with Matis Burkhardt. It is shot 50/50 on Super 8 and in HD Stop Motion sequences.


Kurzfilmwanderung Neukölln, Berlin, DE
Mindpirates Animationsfilmabend, Berlin, DE

Cambridge Super 8 Festival (Competition), Cambridge, GB
2010 New York Bicycle Film Festival (Competition), NYC, USA
Kalamazoo Bike Film Festival, Kalamazoo, USA
34. Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Weiterstadt, DE
Szeged 8mm Festival (Competition), Szeged, HU
5th International Cycling Film Festival (Competition), Herne, DE